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    Attonuclei can help you in your application and research needs by manufacturing “functionalized custom quantum dots”, providing facilities and equipment for various experimentation and training requirements. This functionalized structure can be modified and built upon to ensure the quantum dots work in a varied of applications that may use different carrier systems.

Attonuclei follows a three-pronged business model involving R&D Services, IP Licensing, and subsidiary or joint venture relationships. Building upon its intellectual property portfolio, Attonuclei is building partnerships with leading manufacturers to enable them to scale up their manufacturing to high production volumes as follows:

  • to specify the required quantum dots with custom qualities by means of R&D studies,
  • to customly functionalize these quantum dots which are produced to become nano-materials and enable their trouble-free use in the production line of the companies,
  • to synthesize the synthetic atoms with functional qualities and diameters which start from sub nanometer to ~10 nanometers by physico-chemical means. In other words, to physico-chemically produce the quantum dots of atomic size in which functional qualities are added to nano-structural qualities during the synthesizing phase. Furthermore, to obtain the maximum compatibility performance of these quantum dots in the environment they will be added to by means of three dimensional mathematical simulations during the production phase.

PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION: Feasibility and R&D As understood from the explanations under the other headings, as Attonuclei, for all agreements, works and nevertheless out mutual communication, we, “Attonuclei only undertake the feasibility and R&D works we can perform and the products to be manufactured accordingly”. As you know, collaboration agreements are signed under specific conditions prior to every industrial agreement. As Attonuclei we have constituted a “Road Plan for the Synergy” developed based on our experiences. If we come to an agreement within the frame of this work plan we may activate this agreement with your company in the shortest time and we may create synergy within the context of the subjects as specified at the bottom. ROAD PLAN for the SYNERGY A) Preliminary Meeting and Non-disclosure Agreement Attonuclei consultants visit Companies on demand. and fills the related consultancy form. The mutual guarantees on confidentiality in official writing on the conversations performed and/or to be performed by the parties with this agreement. Therefore, Interviews performed whether there is a working environment with mutual confidence. B) Initiation of Collaboration After the presentation of the Preliminary Report initiation of collaboration period starts with the written demand of the client. C) Preliminary Report Attonuclei writes a Preliminary Report on demand. This report overviews the status regarding the subject(s) demanded by the Company visited (client). Preliminary Meeting and Report services are supplied without any charge. D) Project Meeting Within the determined fields determined in the scope of the Preliminary Agreement the client declares his demands and Attonuclei presents his qualifications. If the client decides to purchase services the scope of the Collaboration Agreement will be determined. E) Signing the Agreement Attonuclei conveys Collaboration Agreement and a written quotation latest in 30 working days. Implementation period starts when the client approves and signs the agreement. F) Collaboration Agreement To determine the commercial relations that can be built within this process and create the working environment. Collaboration Agreement covers the scope of Project Meeting, parties involved and the initiation of charged services. At least one authorized person from both parties who is capable to assign the limits of the Confidentiality Agreement would sign the agreement. G) Industrial Collaboration Agreement This agreement is required for the industrial production stage and it specifies the form and manner of the mutual commercial works to be performed by both of the institutions. This agreement is valid for 3 years and it may be extended automatically on termination. The products produced by Attonuclei within the frame of the basic sub commercial rules designed for the industrials of France are under warranty for the duration of the agreement. Another side, Attonuclei may obtain “patents” for all kinds of functionalized custom quantum dots it produces specifically for your company within the frame of the “application”. It’s possible to apply for a mutual “patent” by the equal (50%-50%) sharing of the expenses by both of the institutions or Attonuclei might give its share to your company as “technology transfer”.  

Our subject: Functionalized Custom Quantum Dots The main scope of Attonuclei is to add its custom-produced quantum dots to the industrials or the production chains of the companies in accordance with the B2B (Business to Business) logic. In other words, it is to increase the product performance of the companies while;

  • developing the functionalized custom quantum dots required to improve its products by means of the technology leader nano-technology to introduce these products into the market,
  • putting its nanotechnological signature onto a brand new product and in the economical field, increasing their endorsement and bringing prestige to the products via “real innovation”.

The Nanotechnological Application Errors in the Industry There is a single answer to all questions that may come up such as; “aren’t there any ready-made nano-structures ?” or “what would be the requirement to produce custom-made nano-structures ?” The ready-to-use quantum dots or nano-structures only show functionally their structural qualities to themselves, with their own specifications ! Let’s proceed over an example to clarify the situation. When you purchase and use these products with various qualities the prices in the world market calculated on “milligram to gram” basis of which start from 100 dollars up to 10.000 dollars in accordance with the quality and the area of use due to their quality (or functionality), you may principally encounter with the following problems which cannot be chemically or physically solved: 1) Since the sizes and the diameters of these nano-structures are polydispersive, they are not fully dispersed within the solutions they are used in, 2) They become agglomerated when mixed in a solvent (as the solvent disturb the chemical qualities of the nano-structures), 3) The application matrix decreases the life cycle by chemically degenerating (due to the photo-chemical reactions), 4) The integration matrix is destroyed due to the structural decomposition which we name as “reactive degradation” as they become agglomerated, 5) These polydispersive nano-structures create an unwanted substance concentration within the integration matrix due to the amount of material used as they are averagely above ~200 nanometers in consideration of their sizes and diameters, 6) Generally (99% of) these nano-structures do not have bio-compatibility qualities (for example, the materials used in the living spaces for children are required to be bio-compatible in accordance with the new European laws), etc. Of course, it’s possible to give and multiply these examples for each and every quanta or nano products. Following these explanations, in order to perceptibly get to the point, Attonuclei may not only provide support on nano-technology but also solutions for obstacles that companies has encountered with along the way which has prevented companies from achieving its goals by collaboration.

Attonuclei supports to train qualified engineers and doctors on nanotechnology to provide strategical or technical support for these companies for their products with nano-materials on issues that may encounter with during the production phase.

  • To provide R&D support for the companies which will use these structures of nanometrical size produced by Attonuclei,
  • To produce functional nano-materials in order to provide more power to these companies than the rest of their competitors from all around the world.
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