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Attonuclei provides essentially quantum dots based R&D services for “selected customers”, who would like to add value to their products through the use of nanomaterials. The company finds out the feasibility of using functional quanta- or nano-technology in the customer’s product and prepares a plan for developing the nano-enabled product. In cooperation with the customer the assembly line is updated to producing high-tech nanocomposite products.

By using Attonuclei’s quantum dots based products your company will gain the following benefits :

  • Sales improve fast and predictably,
  • No anymore R&D risk compared to starting from scratch completely on your own,
  • Nanotech project management can be outsourced and saving time,
  • R&D process is modern and efficient.

In biotechnology, one of the important issues is to make quantum dots biocompatible. For this reason, the quantum dots are covered by biocompatible materials such as silicon dioxide (SiO2), zinc oxide (ZnO). Shelling process enhances physical and chemical properties of quantum dots, and prolongs their usage lifetimes other than the biocompatibility. In this process, it is important to be able to make smooth covering at right thickness. Otherwise, the existent properties of quantum dots will damage and the material produced will not be useful for biotechnological applications like cancer diagnosis and treatment, monitoring site of the lesions during thermal therapy and biosensors. At the stage of biomedical applications, selection of biological functional groups to be constructed on coated quantum dots (water soluble quantum dots) determines the kind of application, for example, core-shell semiconductor quantum dots conjugated with streptavidin for cell labeling. On the other hand, silica coated gold core/discrete shell quantum dots are very convenient for hyperthermia therapy (thermal ablation of tissue) and magnetic resonance imaging. In this file, Attonuclei can design and fabricate core-bioshell functional quantum dots for your industrial biotechnological applications.

One of the renewable energy sources is solar energy. Solar cells are devices which are invented to utilize from the sunlight. In other words, they convert sunlight energy into electrical energy which is a need for human life and do not produce any environmental pollution during this process. They are also known as photovoltaic cells. There are two important issues for designing a solar cell. Initially, to be able to produce smart molecules which make use of the solar spectrum as soon as possible, and later to make these molecules compatible with the other parts of the envisaged solar cell device for efficient energy conversion. It can be stated that such a molecule design is the heart of the solar cell. In this file,

  • Attonuclei can design and fabricate special quantum dots based dye cells for your industrial solar cell applications,
  • In this case, Attonuclei is also ready for patent presentation.

QD all inorganic LED based displays now have the potential to be manufactured using very high volume, low cost roll-to-roll print processing on inexpensive substrates. In addition to the potential to deliver a significantly lower price point, this technology can also provide, higher definition, increased viewing angles and can reduced response time for an enhanced picture, all in a very thin format. These characteristics enable display technologies to flourish in environments that have previously been uneconomical or simply not viable, such as OLED technology LED displays.

When a neutral chromium atom looses its six electrons, its hexavalent state chemically written as Cr6+ appears. Some compounds such as chromium trioxide (CrO3) and potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) include hexavalent chromium. These compounds are often called as hexavalent chromium compounds. Cr6+ amount in the environment must become under control in industries using hexavalent chromium compounds like textile dyes and cement. Otherwise, these compounds cause serious health problems for humans when they penetrates into soil, ground water and air. Skin and eye irritations, kidney and liver damages and lung cancers can be given as examples of such health problems. Cr6+ produced in the environment can be reduced simultaneously into reasonable part per billion (ppb) levels by using special quantum dots. In this file, Attonuclei is also ready for patent presentation.

Quantum dots produce specific and spectrally pure colors dependent on their chemical compositions and dimensions under specific light. They seem fully colorless (invisible) under the typical day light, however, exhibits their characteristic colors under the right excitation conditions. The mentioned feature of custom quantum dots makes them convenient materials for high security applications. Invisible quantum dots covert markers can range from sub-nanometers to several nanometers in size and can be integrated into many types of products and materials. They can be directly incorporated within the product, on the product (via sprays or atomizers, coatings, inks/varnishes or hang tags) or as part of the packaging for films, bottles, paper products and blister packs. Another side, by the printing process, the two or three dimensional shape created on the surface together with its unique color and intensity distribution knowledges offer us to obtain new inimitable spectral barcodes. The advantage of a covert solution, such as Attonuclei’s invisible quantum dots, is that counterfeiters do not know that there is a security element present and therefore cannot attack it. If the feature is visible, the point of attack is evident. Attonuclei’s “invisible quantum dots security solutions” can be applied to many items such as pharmaceutical packaging, medicinal tablets, tobacco packaging, watches, jewelry, automotive and aerospace components, IC’s packaging, electromechanical switches, leather objects and many other manufactured parts and components. Attonuclei “Custom Quantum Dots” solutions services provide you solutions to meet your specific needs. What makes invisible quantum dots covert security tags unique? Customization. Unlike any other ‘stock’ security solution, our cutting-edge authentication technologies can be seamlessly incorporated into your product in a variety of forms at any stage within the manufacturing process. Typical applications;

  • Brand protection against counterfeiting and track & trace of unsolicited importation (gray market) via primary packaging, secondary packaging and printed instructions.
  • Document security for value documents, certificates, identification documents, contracts, etc..
  • Security printing for offset, rotogravure, flexo, laser, inkjet both for individual and industrial printing.
  • Adaptable to customer specific needs and integrated into existing workflows.

Security features can be roughly sorted in two categories;

  • Visible or OVERT security features.
  • Invisible or COVERT security features.

Therefore, Attonuclei’s custom quantum dots markers place your brand fingerprint on or inside your product as an invisible assurance that your customers are receiving a genuine article. In this project;

  • Attonuclei also designed photoluminescent quantum dots for industrial security and anti-counterfeiting applications.
  • Attonuclei is also ready for patent presentation.

World first triple action in one formulation : Multifunctional spray-on surface coating Attonuclei is the first company in the world to developed for the industrial applications colourless long-term stable surface (spray-on) coating with a hydrophobic, photocatalytic and antibacterial effect in one formulation. The outcome of a major scientific discovery in the field of surface spray-on coating, Attonuclei’s technology breaks with previous discoveries and will revolutionize the treatment of surfaces. Hydrophobic : In nature, the leaves of the lotus plant are seen clean in spite of the fact that they are living in dirty conditions. The mechanism under this phenomenon is the repelling. In other words, the leaves of the lotus plant clean theirselves via repelling mechanism. In principle, the reduced adhesion forces between water molecules and the leaves make water molecules more spherical on the leaves and hence more water repellent and dirty free surfaces are obtained. Analogously, water and/or oil repellent surfaces can be created by using our nano-scale triple action coating. The very weak surface free energy generated by this type of coating improves sliding effects between to identical coated surfaces or even between a coated and a non coated surface or foreign matter. These coatings permit to obtain very high contact angles with various liquids such as polar liquids , apolar liquids , mixt liquids, oils, etc.. The surface energy obtained such coated substrates are lower than PTFE. These coatings possess a very strong affinity for the substrates they coat. For selected materials, the covalent bonding induces a strong resistance to abrasion, to chemical or physical wear. Photocatalytic : For exemple, solar panels need to have a clean surface to efficiently gather light from the sun, but they are often soiled by bird faeces, dust, pollen, water and other particles. Therefore, a dirty solar panel can reduce its full power capabilities by up to ~25 percent. Certainly, if they are to operate at their optimum level, they probably need to be cleaned every couple or few weeks. The nano-scale triple action coating repels dust, pollen, water and other particles by the triple physico-chemical actions such as hydrophobic, photocatalytic and antibacterian characteristic without hindering the solar panel’s ability to absorb sunlight. Indeed, the nano-scale thin surface coating can maintain this ideal hydrophobic surface for years, reducing overall maintenance. The layer is so thin that it does not scatter light, and therefore, does not interfere with the initial solar panel’s performance. As the water is repelled by the nano-scale triple action treated surface it will also pick up and carry away the dust and dirt, thereby cleaning the panel naturally. Another side, the coating will improve the efficiency by the photocatalytic effect and reduce the maintenance needed for any photovoltaic system. Here, self cleaning property of quantum dots is based on their photocatalytic activities. The photocatalytic quantum dots decompose the contaminants on the surface when they are illimunated by light and decomposed contaminants are easily moved away from the surface by water. The photocatalytic quantum dot treated surfaces need less water as to non treated ones for cleaning. The coating essentially makes the panel self-cleaning by the triple physico-chemical actions such as hydrophobic, photocatalytic and antibacterian characteristic which can be significant issues for large scale solar farms in harsh environments. Antibacterial effect : Antibacterial materials is one of the sectors getting much more interest. For exemple, an antibacterial property can be given to a textile material at its final finishing stage by using antibacterial quantum dots. Antibacterial quantum dots on the textile will destroy undesired bacteria by touching them and provide more healthy conditions for human life. Antibacterial quantum dots have an impact on a variety of bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella, s. aureaus and in addition, can select the bacteria to be destroyed depending on their designed morphology. Otherside, this coating is user friendly and environment friendly and simple coating process is performed in a few minutes therefore this process do not use fluorinated solvents to avoid environment pollution or regulatory constraints. The nano-scale triple action spray-on coating can be applied to a variety of surface materials, including glass, aluminum, ballistic missile, cloth fibers, aeronautic, wood, textiles, watch movement, plastic, and etc.. What is unique in this case is that the nano-scale “mineral coating” is so thin (quasi monolayer) compared to “organic hydrophobic coatings” that can be microns thick.

Functionalized quantum dots we have produced, they are potential to detect single molecules of a target substance. These are essentially very small printed semiconductor device that produce a unique trigger signal that can be changed by the addition or removal of an electron. Therefore, printed custom devices using functionalized quantum dots could better detect solid particles and/or liquids with low vapor pressure, such as high explosives or nerve agents. Also, functionalized quantum dots can be designed for detection of specific biological moieties, which may lead to detection methodologies for infectious diseases or anthrax spores. All these examples demonstrate the undeniable potential and benefits of functionalized quantum dots. The application of emerging quantum dots technology will affect all aspects of chemical and biological countermeasures, from improving physical protection, refining the sensitivity and selectivity of sensors, to advancing decontamination and also printable medical diagnosis kit during the war.

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