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Quantum dots, also known as “synthetic atoms”, are a special class of materials, which are number of applications in different markets. Attonuclei believe that, quantum dots technology is a technology with an ambitious goal, the goal of working at atomic levels to construct new materials with properties tailored to meet specific needs. There are many fascinating examples of quantum dots technology applications in new materials. For example, we might produce the functional quantum dots as a add-material for making airplane carbon composite wings that has the better electrical conductivity, ability and flexibility.

Here’s an other example, all type polymer coatings are notoriously easily damaged, and affected by heat. Adding only 0.01% of quantum dots to a polymer coating makes a dramatic difference, resulting in coatings that are tough, UV durable and heat degradation resistant. This has implications for situations where a material fits a particular application in terms of its weight and strength, but needs protection from an external, potentially corrosive environment – which a reinforced polymer functional coating can provide.

Quantum dots technology can also involve adding new properties to existing materials using the same fundamental processes. For examples; multiple type of quantum dots can be used such as;

  • light emitting diodes in sign displays,
  • cell staining for life science observation,
  • wastewater treatment,
  • inks that can aid in spotting counterfeits and marking products including night vision pigments and inks,
  • new generation photovoltaic’s,
  • many surface printed electronics and high-tech personal electronic devices
  • medical devices, bio-reagents including biological probes for clinical diagnostics and in vivo diagnostics, etc..

New markets and applications emerge as we continue to innovate and work with partners and customers who seek out our expertise and our technology. Our technical expertise and advances, particularly with respect to our proprietary non-environmentally restricted quantum dot formulations is so important for future applications and can create opportunities in a range of global markets including: Industrial/ Military/ Materials/ Biotechnology/ Electronic/ Environment/ Security/ Technical textile and including many other innovative applications for highest performance, quality and precision.

We offer flexible custom manufacturing services to produce high quality “functionalized custom quantum dots” with the assurance of full confidentiality. Our quantum dots set the standard for next-generation (as seen in photo);

  • Custom quantum dot synthesis and preparation,
  • Large variety of quantum dots building elements,
  • Toxic surfactant free production,
  • Custom bioconjugation,
  • Custom ligand design and functionalization,
  • Development of quantum dots processes for high-volume manufacturing,
  • Manufacture of high volumes of high-quality quantum dots,
  • 3D percolation modeling,

Producing “functionalized custom quantum dots” with robust characteristics and high volumes of manufacture, and our technology is already impacting a wide range of government, industrial and consumer applications. If you are interested, please contact us for future business opportunities.

The qualifications of the quantum dots we produce (e.g. as seen in photo*) are approved scientifically by the Inspection and Characterization Center for Nano-structures connected to French National Science Research Center which is one of the three most significant centers in France. Furthermore, these quantum dots produced are much more developed than the products of the other nano-structure producing companies and provide outstanding results in the environment they are integrated with. Our lab routinely output quantum dots and nanomaterials to meet research, pilot-scale and full-scale production requirements. Attonuclei’s core competencies include its ability to perform cutting edge original research and develop innovative pathways for the synthesis of a wide spectrum of elements. Attonuclei’s offerings include the following :

  • Without special storage condition,
  • Ultraclean and monodispersed (narrow emission = FWHM ~ 12 nm),
  • Photostable and high quantum yield,
  • Well defined and precisely tuned luminescence and absorbance spectra,
  • Chromatically multicolor-via-single-source excitation,
  • White, custom colored or multiple color mixing possibilities,
  • High-temperature resistant,
  • Dispersion into any type of solvent icluding water.

We also provide custom services and can functionalize custom buil quantum dots to your physicochemical characteristics, color, surface, size and building element specifications. * 3D time resolved PL and absorption results Color: Blue Absorption max. (+/- 1nm) : 445 Emission max. (+/- 1nm) : 470 FWHM (nm): 11 Decay (ps) : 150

The key to the quantum dot is in the attometer (1 billionth of a nanometer) scale of electrons. Electrons occupy one of two bands in a material’s crystal. By providing the proper stimuli, an electron, or perhaps more than one, can be encouraged to move from one band to the other. As it moves from one band (VB) to the other (CB), it creates a hole, which is positively charged. Together, the hole and the electron are referred to as an exciton. The electron and the hole in the exciton normally keep their distance from each other. This is called the exciton Bohr radius. However, if the crystal is reduced in size, it crowds this gap. Once that happens, it changes the crystal’s ability to absorb and emit energy. At this point, the quantum dot is created. Therefore, different colors can be obtained by reducing or increasing the size of the quantum dot. Quantum dots are unique class of semiconductors because they are so small at all space dimensions, ranging from sub nm to ~10 nanometers in diameter. At these small sizes materials behave differently, giving quantum dots unprecedented tunability and enabling never before seen in applications to science and technology.

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