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    We Are Working On Condensed Matter

    Attonuclei™ is a “fully independent and auto financed nanotechnological R&D company” whose mission is to Research and Develop bottom-up quantum dot’s fabrication techniques for implementation in high value added products.

    Attonuclei is a R&D company focusing on the development nano-enabled products for its customers. Nanoproducts are novelties in today’s market, yet Attonuclei already has nearly 10 years experience in quantum dots and nanomaterials. Therefore, Attonuclei plans to advance “functionalized custom quantum dots” and associated fabrication techniques to the forefront of nanotechnology for tomorrow.

    Our company is powered by PhD. degree scientists with competencies mainly in quantum dot technology. Our expertise lies in : « Taking Concepts to Commercialization » Converting high-risk ideas into high-payoff, market-based solutions ;  R&D > Prototype > Integration solution > Pilot scale fabrication > Large production. This is the corporate website of Attonuclei. Please make use of the friendly navigation provided to find out more about our products and their applications. At the same time, this site also contains useful information for government agency, prospective partner organisations and investors, as well as visitors with an academic interest in our research.

    Attonuclei innovate for the applications of functionalized custom QDs and associated synthesis techniques to the forefront of nanotechnology.

    About Attonuclei

    Leveraging our relationship with partners to enable large scale manufacturing Attonuclei is very flexible in its business arrangements with its partners and customers. Attonuclei conducts its business in various ways :

    • R&D contract,
    • Collaborative development,
    • Application licensing or Technology transfer for our READY PROJECTS,
    • Alliances,
    • Nanotechnological engineering and consulting,
    • Sub-nano and nano measurements & characterization tests for reverse engineering.

    If you are interested, please contact us for future B2B opportunities.

    Through collaborative research and development efforts with the universities between different countries and other industrial partners, Attonuclei plans to commercialize high performance “functionalized custom quantum dots”. Other side, Attonuclei currently operates facilities in the France, India, China, Ireland, US and Turkey. Attonuclei plans to advance “Functionalized Custom Quantum Dots” and associated fabrication techniques to the forefront of nanotechnology. Indeed, Attonuclei is a high-tech company whose mission is to research and develop bottom-up quantum dots fabrication techniques for implementation in high value added products. Attonuclei also assists others with product development efforts by providing nanotechnological related services. The company has been conducting joint research and developments with nanotechnological firms to explore possible ways to improve its current portfolio of products and introduce new ones with unique performance properties derived from using “functionalized custom quantum dots” enhanced materials. However, the validation of the products is brought by the demonstration of their efficiency in the industrial application and by obtaining an industrial synthesis process.

    Attonuclei™ project was founded in 2004 in order to progress the research and development of Custom Quantum Dots technology. Attonuclei has started its independent business life as a “self-funded company”. After coming into operation within the context of the French National Science Research Center and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Nantes (which one of the biggest campus in France) as spin-off and so did begin its nanotechnological race as best institution in the world for the Functional Quantum Dots. Therefore, with a limited number of institutions in the world by starting to perform “bottom-up” productions in the field of quantum dots technology in its laboratory called QuantaDots™. As “innovation” is one of the major elements of its infrastructure and as its acknowledgement by the governmental departments within the institutionalization process is desired, it has been examined by scientific commissions with expert qualities in connection with the French Ministry Of Research (FMOR) and the Attonuclei has succeeded in receiving this title as a result of the examinations. Furthermore, it’s supported by different units associated with the FMOR. It’s an indication of how much the institutions trust the « Road Map » which form the basis for Attonuclei and how durable these are. Finally, Attonuclei S.A.S. was officially created in 2010 and is registered to the CCN in France with the registration N° 520311747 and 1.250.000 euros capital. Attonuclei became established and independently located in Nantes (nearly Faculty of Sciences of the University of Nantes) occupies a nearly 700 square meter building with wet and dry labs and the company is powered by PhD. degree scientists with competencies mainly in quantum dot, nanotechnology and including nano-devices. All labs are fully equipped to conduct quantum dots and nanocrystal synthesis, synthetic organic chemistry, bioconjugation, cell culture, and cell/molecular biological assays. Also, Attonuclei is member of the EMC2 (France) competitive cluster for aerospatial and composite structural elements.

    Custom Design

    Quantum dots, also known as “synthetic atoms”, are a special class of materials, which are number of applications in different markets. Attonuclei believe that, quantum dots technology is a technology with an ambitious goal, the goal of working at atomic levels to construct new materials with properties tailored to meet specific needs.

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    What's Up ?

    Our new R&D Center

    ... in September 2013, we have moved into our new high security laboratory by occupying a nearly 700 square meter building with wet and dry labs.

    Biotic QDs

    ... actually we are working on the research grade functional upconversion biotech quantum dots for cell tagging and transport process. We are searching for exclusive distributor around the world.

    Multifunctional Coating

    Attonuclei is the first company in the world to developed for the industrial applications “fully transparent (UV to IR), long-term stable surface mineral (spray-on) coating with a hydrophobic, photocatalytic, antibacterial and scratch resistant characteristics”.

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